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Infrared 4 Wheel Computerised Alignment

Prices start from 30
Professional 4 Wheel Alignment Systems
Wheel alignment (sometimes called Laser Wheel Alignment, 4 Wheel Alignment or Car Tracking) is the process of measuring and adjusting the geometry of a car's wheels.

Correct wheel alignment can save you money by reducing tyre wear and reduce the risk of an accident due to poor handling.

What is Laser Wheel Alignment and Why do I Need it?

There are a number of indicators which suggest a problem with wheel alignment (also known as car tracking):

Your fuel efficiency may be reduced, increasing fuel costs
Your car may pull to one side
Your car may run slightly sideways along the road (known as crabbing)
Your steering wheel might not be straight while travelling in a straight line
Your steering wheel may vibrate at certain speeds
You may be experiencing uneven tyre wear

Common Causes of Wheel Alignment Problems Are:

Driving over potholes
Clipping or driving over kerb edges
Driving over road cushions and speed bumps too quickly
Wear and damage in suspension components

Incorrect alignment can cause tyres to wear more quickly and can affect vehicle handling and safety.

A simple wheel alignment check can identify the cause of the problem before it becomes more serious. An excessively worn tyre can earn a driver a fine and points on their license.

Depending on Your Vehicle, it May be Possible to Adjust:

Camber - the inward or outward tilt of the tyre
Caster - the forward or rear tilt of the steering axis
Toe - the amount that wheels point in or out
Thrust - uneven toe
Setback - where a wheel on one side is further forward than the opposite side

With a car tracking check, taking just 5 or 10 minutes of your time, you can have peace of mind, save money, keep your driving license clean and reduce the risk of an accident.